About Images, videos, and licenses


When you purchase a standard stock photograph or video from Servian Stock images you're buying a single-use, non-exclusive license for an unlimited time period. This means I hold the copyright but you can use the image for one book cover or other project plus any promotional material. I'm not interested in limiting how, where, or for how long you use the image. In fact, I'll be pleased for you if you sell lots of copies of your book and the same cover or book promo video is still working for you in ten years time. My hope is that my work has, in some small way, contributed to your success. If you want to use the image or video for an additional project just email me at info@servianstockimages.com and I'll invoice you for an additional $18. 



The only limitations on the license are that you cannot:

-On sell the images or videos unaltered or in anyway try to misrepresent the images as your own work.

-Use images or videos for a project that is in anyway illegal, pornographic, or exploitative.   


Non-Standard stock images

 Ready made covers

While the standard stock images are non-exclusive (anyone can buy and use them), the ready made cover images are exclusive. This means each cover design image will only be sold once. However, do be aware that the photos and design elements used on the cover images are not exclusive so other cover designers may use them in their designs.

 Fine Art Images

My fine art images are digitally composited art works that show in galleries and online and many have won awards.

They are available for license on a case-by-case basis. While it's unlikely I'll allow any of these images to be used on more than one project, I reserve the right to continue to show them both in galleries and online and to sell them as art works.  If you would like to use one of these images on your book cover or other project, please email me at info@servianstockimages.com to discuss.  


Technical stuff


The image you will receive when you click the download link after purchase will be a jpeg of a compressed size anywhere between 4MB and 21MB (The uncompressed size will be in the region of 50 -70+MB). Width and height vary but most images are around 4160 X 6240 px and all are 300dpi. I've tried to be accurate in the description of each image, but there may be small variations of a few kilobytes or pixels from the values listed and/or I may have made a mistake when inputting the information for which, I apologise in advance. If you find an error, please let me know.

The watermarked thumbnails you see on this site are low res versions and do not reflect the quality of the image you will receive with your order. It was necessary to keep the thumbnails small so we could fit as many as possible on the site without it running as slowly as a wet Sunday afternoon.


The videos are shot and rendered at 25fps, 1920 X 1080 which are industry standard settings. 

About the images

Each image was originally shot in RAW format using a DSLR or full frame mirrorless camera and then post-processed in Photoshop. Most images have some retouching. If you'd prefer a completely unretouched image, I may be able to dig into my files and find one for you. Email me at info@servianstockimages.com to discuss.  

I am the legal copyright owner for all Servian Stock images photographs (except for the photographs owned by my dad, Nick Servian, which he has given his permission to license on his behalf). I hold a signed model release for every image featuring a recognisable person.


Exclusive images and bespoke photoshoots 

If you want an exclusive image (one that no one else will ever use) and/or a bespoke photoshoot email me at info@servianstockimages.com to discuss. I have a vast archive of unused images at my disposal, plus if I can do a bespoke photoshoot for you, I will. Prices and timeframes for photoshoots will depend of the scope of the project.


Returns and why I can't accept them

I'm sorry if this seems mean but by their nature digitally downloadable products have to be non-returnable. Once an image is on your computer, there is no way you can give it back and I can't prevent the image from being used and/or shared by you or someone else. Therefore all sales have to be final so please choose carefully. If there are technical issues with the download or the image, or I've accidentally forgotten to load the image, or attached the wrong image by mistake please email me and I'll do my best to sort it out for you.