About Servian Stock Images

Before I start, I'd like to take a moment to acknowledge all my wonderful models who share their time and talents to create the images. They are amazing and these images would not be possible without them. 

Hi, I'm Kathy, owner, creator, costume-maker, photographer, photo retoucher, videographer, and general dog's body at Servian Stock Images. Having spent over 25 years in fashion design, I then wrote and self-published four novels.

In 2016, I made an 1850s costume for the cover of my third novel. I enjoyed the process and, as history of costume has always been a passion, I began making historical and fantasy costumes and photographing them. 

Each photoshoot is a labor of love involving hours of research, making or sourcing costumes and accessories, finding models, shooting, and post production. My images have been available on Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Deposit Photos, Dreamstime, and Canstock for several years, but I felt I wasn't being fairly rewarded for my time and effort. I also felt there was a disconnect between my customers and myself and so when cover designers and authors began to contact me directly, I realised it was time to have my own website. Now we can cut out the middle-men and you can purchase my work straight from me - the person who created it. This will allow me to be more responsive to your needs and create the types of images you want. So if you're looking for particular images and can't find them, email me. I'll help you if I can.

The pricing structure for my standard stock images is simple. You pay just one flat fee of $18 for a non-exclusive, one project, unlimited time period use license. This represents the fact that the image cost me the same to produce whether you sell five copies of your book or 50,000. In fact, if you sell more, I'm happy for you and proud to have played a small part in your success. If you want to use an image on an additional project, just email me, and I'll invoice you for an another $18.

Please read the 'About Images and Licenses' page for more information about the other types of stock I offer such as ready-made covers, and fine art composited photographs.

If you want exclusive images and/or want me to do a bespoke photoshoot for you, email me at info@servianstockimages.com. I have a vast archive of images that have never left my computer or if I am able to help you out with a photoshoot just for you, I will.

Short videos are a new offering. They can be used in book promos and as they are created during photoshoots for still images, you should be able to co- ordinate your cover image and promo video with the same model and costume in both. 

I'd like our relationship to be collaborative and I hope you do too.  Please sign up for my mailing list so I can tell you when I have new stock or special offers. And don't worry, I promise not to bombard you with emails. I'm far too busy making costumes and taking photos to do that.  

I'd be super grateful if you could acknowledge Servian Stock images in your front or back matter, return here to purchase more stock in the future, and keep in touch to share your finished projects and let me know how things are going for you.